Michael Bad / AiF You know that the universe strives for balance? There is sun there is moon, there is light there is darkness,... We are talking to a Hot Woman! Which character to scare small children?

Michael Bad

/ AiF

You know that the universe strives for balance? There is sun there is moon, there is light there is darkness, there is good there is evil. So, there is a Santa Claus – and there… Yes! That’s it! Baba’s Hot!

If Santa Claus lives in the North, she in the South, in Africa somewhere in the Congo river. Huge angry black woman so frightened the poor local children that the mere mention of it terrifies them. Children lose their appetite, have trouble falling asleep and beginning to get into the school of two.

Every New year Baba Heat requires them gifts, and Woe to the child who will not be able to bring her at least a small box of chocolates or marshmallows. The punishment will follow immediately!

To take revenge on the guilty kid this the wicked old woman could everything. For example, to send “Sunny Bunny” (not our merry and bright Bunny, and a huge African Salcido meter with ears and claws) to hit hitting the little curly top. And evil can send a trained elephant to stomp on the toys in the nursery and smashed dishes in Mama’s kitchen. Wants – can order a toothy crocodile to drive the kids, so they got scared and climbed from the fear-high palm trees. And then it will be long and loud laugh on all of Africa. That’s so mean and vindictive Woman Hot!

All the kids in Africa dream to gifts for the New year from our good Santa Claus, but it is impossible: it is very hot – it melts. This is the evil and treacherous Woman Heat.

By the way, say, in a short time she is going to get to Russia. Because we have winters become warmer, and the kids are cranky. A naughty and naughty Woman just loves the Heat! Or rather, loves to mock them.

Tell the children that only good mood and good behavior can save you from feisty Women of the Heat. Seeing such children, she trembles in horror, covered with goose bumps, just sick with tonsillitis and the flu, and then quickly return back to Africa – to his palms and coconuts.

If the Moscow children will go to deliver the gifts, all of them will take 8.37 ring road*

* In Moscow there are 1 824 300 inhabitants from 0 to 15 years (according to Mosgorstat, 2017). We assume these people are children and continue the reasoning. In turn, each erect or crawling baby is about half a meter. Thus, the queue length will be 150 912 m 912,15 km Length of ring road is 108.9 km. Consequently, the length of the children’s turns in Midah – of 8.37 pieces. And that’s not counting the suburbs!

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