Photo courtesy of the press service of the event “International competitions in mental arithmetic ALOHA Mental Arithmetic from” the company’s CEO on learning mental... All in the mind! Why children abacus

MindPhoto courtesy of the press service of the event “International competitions in mental arithmetic ALOHA Mental Arithmetic from”

the company’s CEO on learning mental arithmetic ALOHA Janna Khegai.

Since in the show of young talents, particularly his children, operating in mind multiple numbers, the interest in mental arithmetic has been growing by leaps and bounds. However, the people were divided into those who are in awe of this technique and those who are perplexed – why children need to compete with a calculator?

The path to success

Teachers say the mental arithmetic: quick mental arithmetic is not a goal of this unique technique. More importantly, it can help to increase the number of neural connections in the brain and to achieve friendly two hemispheres that other methods not easy to do.

No wonder in Singapore, Japan, China, Mexico and some other countries, mental arithmetic, children are officially in school. And not for the purpose of training a quick account, and for the development of cognitive abilities, memory, concentration, overall performance and success! Classes mental arithmetic help children not only to develop your intellectual and creative potential (which is proved by scientific researches), but also to bring my grades up in all subjects, and free up a lot of time for other Hobbies. Indeed, due to the increased concentration of attention and memory teaching material is perceived easier and faster, and homework is done in minutes.

It is important

22 July 2018 in Russia will be held International competitions in mental arithmetic, which will be attended by more than 600 children from 5 to 13 years of age from 39 countries (in particular, 135 of Russia). Last year 7 of our children became world Champions at competitions in mental arithmetic, held in Malaysia.

And physics and lyrics

As you know, the left hemisphere is responsible for specific things: logic, analytical ability, with it we perceive by eye signs and letters, and hearing information. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, emotions, figurative and abstract thinking, as well as tactile perception. Accordingly, the left hemisphere is well developed among representatives of the exact professions, the right – creative people. And only units work equally well both hemispheres of the brain. Thus, for example, were Leonardo da Vinci: at the same time and a brilliant artist and mathematician. Or our Mikhail Lomonosov.

But if you are not lucky to be born a genius, all is not lost because the brain, like muscles, can be pumped. By the way, it is proven that mental arithmetic to force all children, not just superposable as “techies” and “humanists”. The fact that under normal training school the emphasis is on the development of a left hemisphere of the brain, and the whole material is fed only through auditory and visual perception. Whereas among children, there is not only “auditory” and “visual” and “kinesthetic” which effectively learn about the world by touch. And mental arithmetic involve all the channels of obtaining information.

After 16 it’s late

First, the child masters the skill of using the ancient Chinese accounts of the abacus. On it with two fingers – thumb and forefinger – you have to dial the number. Over time, the movement of hands, counting is brought to automatism. And then calculations are performed in the mind. The child moves with two fingers, helping to remember the position of the bones on the imaginary abacus. Thus the child learns not only add and subtract multi-digit numbers and to multiply, divide, calculate percentages, to raise and find roots of numbers.

Neural connections in the brain, developing from 0 to 16 years, after that the process slows down, and then there is regression. Therefore, it is most efficient to do mental arithmetic in childhood: 5 to 13 years. Adults master this technique with great difficulty.

All training takes 8-10 levels, each of which can last 3-4 months. Accordingly, the entire course takes 3 years. Two-hour classes, 1 day a week, but you need 5-10 minutes daily to devote to homework. Here, as in the piano or in sport, without training – anywhere.

We choose

Usually when you search for mental arithmetic courses parents focus on two things: affordable price and proximity to home. Both, of course, important, but much more significant is a program where the courses will take place. To ensure that the correct and safe place, ask:

What and in what time frame to teach a child. The program must be complete. The student will acquire not only addition-subtraction, but all kinds of calculations: multiplication, division, exponentiation, extraction of roots, and finding percent. Every 3 months the child will go to a new level and learn new skills. After each level a certificate is issued.

What age children do in group. The pre-schoolers and teenagers at the same Desk is a nonsense. For children 5-7 years and 8-13 should be your approach. The first training is in the gaming, entertainment, and second classes are more serious. If children are not divided by age or doing all the same textbooks – and it is unprofessional.

Certificate textbooks. If the program in which children learn, correct, then training should be uniform around the world. In this case, your child will acquire the same knowledge as his peers in Japan, China or Europe, and will be able to participate in international competitions.

Canned recruited group or not. Normal newbies should not be writing to those who have been for some time engaged. Because otherwise all the others will stagnate, waiting for deal new.

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