When the child is a vegetarian. Expert about the pros and cons of this diet
The rejection of meat in children can be dangerous, say the doctors. Shutterstock.com About what vegetarianism than it can be helpful or harmful to the body, said Antonina Starodubova, chief nutritionist for the health Department of the city of Moscow: “At the moment, the opinions of experts about vegetarianism... Read more
We are talking to a Hot Woman! Which character to scare small children?
Michael Bad / AiF You know that the universe strives for balance? There is sun there is moon, there is light there is darkness, there is good there is evil. So, there is a Santa Claus – and there… Yes! That’s it! Baba’s Hot! If Santa Claus lives in... Read more
All in the mind! Why children abacus
Photo courtesy of the press service of the event “International competitions in mental arithmetic ALOHA Mental Arithmetic from” the company’s CEO on learning mental arithmetic ALOHA Janna Khegai. Since in the show of young talents, particularly his children, operating in mind multiple numbers, the interest in mental arithmetic has... Read more
Broken knees. Treat right, not to be in the hospital
Our expert – the doctor-the traumatologist-orthopedist, head of Department of traumatology and orthopedics, private clinic Dmitry Savitsky. If the rollers and the bike is not your topic and run you will not even after departing the bus, still the risk of wounds and abrasions can not be completely excluded.... Read more
What if the child has learned bad
You haven’t seen a child for a month! Maybe more. And finally the long-awaited meeting! How quickly it has grown, grown up – Read more
Premature infants with age have little chance of success
According to statistics, about 11% of infants are born before the time. They often have difficulties with development and various diseases. Having spent more than 20 different experiments, the researchers concluded that the chance of good results in adult life these children are less than normal. It is reported... Read more
To conceive a child is better in the winter — scientists
Conception is an interesting and relevant theme for that couple that wants to have a baby. People of ancient times trying to solve the mystery of the birth of a new life. Unfortunately, many mysteries remained unsolved. Researchers in Switzerland believe that if you conceive in the winter, it... Read more
Cigarette smoke provokes snoring in a child
Some changes in our body can signal that the body something is wrong. Snoring can be considered as such a signal. The real punishment is to be close with someone who snores the night. He sleeps and you constantly have to push it. Scientists from China have conducted more... Read more